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  Speech from Gabi Ladowski, David Diego's brother,
    at the award ceremony of the David (Diego) Ladowski
    Merit Scholarship  -  Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    in Jerusalem, Israel.  June 10, 2004.

    The speech was read by Eliad Moreh.


Once again we are gathering here to recognize the achievement of talented students and to honor the memory of David Diego Ladowski. 

I'm very sorry that my wife, my kids and myself could not attend this year's ceremony, but we're very proud and honored to be represented by my parents and that this speech is graciously being read by Eliad Moreh, who is so close to our hearts.

David Diego would be very proud of this ceremony, because he knew of the great importance of achieving higher education as well as helping people and making this world a better place.

And that's the reason why we've created the David Diego Ladowski Memorial Fund.

Through the foundation, the help of many generous contributors, and the help of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we are able to give every year these Merit Scholarship Awards, and to provide knowledge and resources to students.

We wanted to continue with what David Diego had started; and to those whose only purpose in life is to inflict pain and try to hurt innocent lives, we want to show them that the Vision of Peace and the Will of Achieving Greater Things cannot be stopped with acts of hatred, David Diego's goodness was much more powerful than any evil's act, and so his legacy will continue for many years to come.

Like all of us, I personally was hoping that by now the situation in Israel and the world in general would be more peaceful, but unfortunately, the threat of terrorism still exists, so that's why now, more than ever, we all have to continue with the principles of "Tikkun Olam", to repair the world through social action. 

What we are doing here this evening, is just one of many ways to help peace become a reality, and it's our hope that the students that are receiving the Merit Scholarships here, will set that as a paramount in their careers, to be able to contribute to society focusing in the positive issues, and also understanding and recognizing the negatives in order to be able to turn them around.

I would like to thank everyone at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the School of Public Policy for all their help to make this event possible. To Professor Magidor, Professor Dery, Ofra Commere, and everyone involved in this evening's event and for providing leadership to all the students at this prestigious institution.

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the David Diego Ladowski Merit Scholarship Awards, this is just a small reward to your hard work, and we want to wish you all the best in your lives and careers, hoping that Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Peace will be with you always. It's a great honor, and we are very proud to be able to continue doing this every year.

Shalom, and Thanks!

Gabi Ladowski and family


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