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  The Israel Foreign Ministry mourns the tragic death of 
    David Diego Ladowski, one of its cadets, who was killed 
    in the terrorist bombing at the Hebrew University cafeteria
    - 07/31/02




A Tribute to David Diego Ladowski

The murderous terrorist attack that occurred yesterday on the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University claimed the lives of innocent people, and also struck at our very hearts.

The Foreign Ministry family bows its head in profound grief, following the terrorist murder of our friend and colleague, David Diego Ladowski, a Foreign Ministry cadet, who started his career in the Ministry a year and a half ago. Diego immigrated on his own to Israel from Argentina, eleven years ago, motivated by ideological principles. A few years later, Diego's parents and sister joined him in Israel.

Following the completion of his studies, Diego applied as a candidate to the Foreign Ministry Cadet Course. Once he had successfully completed the arduous selection process, Diego began his career as a Foreign Ministry cadet, and from an early stage, he stood out as a result of his impressive appearance, his pleasant and engaging manner, his smile and the excellent working relations that he developed with all those who came into contact with him.

A year ago, on the completion of the Cadet Course, Diego was assigned to the Western Europe Department 3 (European Union Affairs). Even in the course of his work in the Western Europe Department, Diego was noted for his professionalism, his individual abilities and his modesty.

In exactly nine days, Diego was due to leave for Lima, Peru, to assume the position of the Second Secretary, and to begin his first overseas posting in the Foreign Ministry.

When a person has passed away, it is customary to pay tribute and to praise that person. In the course of his life, however, Diego was showered with accolades and tributes that most people will never receive in their lifetime. Exactly a week ago, during the farewell ceremony for colleagues who were about to leave for overseas postings, Deputy Director General for Europe, Victor Harel, heaped praise upon Diego, expressing his sincere appreciation for Diego's professional capabilities. In retrospect, these words of tribute resemble a eulogy:

From the start of his career, Diego was viewed as a great talent, and he had a promising career in the diplomatic service. We have lost a dear friend, a wonderful person and a gifted diplomat.

Therefore may the Master of Mercy shelter him in the shelter of……his wings for Eternity, and may he bind his soul in the bond of life. God is his heritage, and may he repose in peace on his resting place. And let us say Amen.


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