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  Speech from Gabi Ladowski, David Diego's brother,
    during the Memorial Services organized by AFHU
    (American Friends of the Hebrew University) 
    on Thursday, July 31st, 2003 at the Chicago Loop 
    Synagogue in Chicago, Illinois.


Good morning, my name is Gabi Ladowski, I'm the brother of David Diego Ladowski, one of the nine victims of last year's terrorist attack at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

He was a very special human being; a pacifist and humanist who just loved being at the University and always care for others. He couldn't choose any other place to study because The Hebrew University is The most reputable University in Israel.

He was an incredibly intelligent man but very humble. He was just days away from taking on his new position as Vice-Consul at the Embassy of Israel in Lima, Peru, a position that he achieved after working for only 2 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was such an exemplary student that The Hebrew University has established a Merit Scholarship Award that is being given annually on his name to gifted and talented students. Here in Chicago we've established a Fund in his memory that also raises funds to help the University with the scholarships.

This past June my family and I went to Israel. A very emotional trip but overall a lifelong experience where we had the honor and the grief to represent my brother. We accepted his Masters Degree diploma in a special ceremony dedicated to the top students of the school of Public Policy which it began with a special mention about him.

He had and average of 100% in "Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace process", a subject that he dedicated a lot of time and effort. Ironically and because of that conflict he wasn't there to receive the diploma himself.

We met with the HU president Menachem Magidor, professors, and people from the Ministry of Foreign Afairs. All these people have become good friends of my family and we stay in contact regularly. They showed us around, we saw the Frank Sinatra cafeteria and the monument dedicated to those who died there.

In a separate event, we presented the David Diego Ladowski Merit Scholarship Awards to 3 exceptional students of the school of Public Policy.

All this is a way to continue with this extraordinary man's legacy, by helping others and giving people the opportunity to realize their dreams, and even though today we are mourning his physical absence, his spirit and goodwill remains in all of us and those who follow his example to make this world a better place.

Thank you and Shalom.


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