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  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem holds ceremony to 
    award the "David Diego Ladowski Merit Scholarships"
    - June 8, 2005

From left to right:
Oded Steklov, Roy Folkman, Dafna Ben Porat,
Sagi Balsha, Vered Halawa, Tal Otiker

To honor the legacy of David Diego Ladowski, the David Diego Ladowski Memorial Fund was created. The Fund award is given to gifted and talented young students of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's School of Public Policy who are committed to a lifetime of public service and working for world peace and excellence.

Click here to read the speech given at the ceremony.

Merit scholarships were given to these 6 outstanding students:

Dafna Ben Porat;   Average: 90.98
Born in Israel grew up in Tel-Aviv.

After her military service in 1995 she traveled through South America for six months. She studied law in Tel-Aviv and after she became a lawyer she decided to do her MA in Public Policy.

This year Dafna has completed her studies.

During her studies Dafna has worked for the Research Center of the Israeli parliament and wrote papers for parliament committees.

She hopes that her education will enable her to contribute to public policy and public administration in Israel. 

Sagi Balasha;   Average: 92.02
Born and raised in Haifa, he served as a military photographer and after his military service he traveled for two years.

Sagi studied Geography and Economics at the Ben Gurion University in the Negev. After completing his BA he traveled to Russia and worked as a Jewish Agency representative.

Back in Israel in 2001 he has joined the public sector and worked for the finance ministry. In 2002 he began his studies at the School of Public Policy, which he has recently completed.

He's married to Nathalie since 2003.

He hopes that his formal education will help him to promote social issues in the budget division at the treasury. 

Tal Otiker;   Average: 89.17
Born in 1977 in Eyn Yahav, a co-op near the Jordanian border.

When he graduated from Junior High he moved to Jerusalem to become a student in the Israel Arts and Science Academy; it is a national, residential senior high school for excellent students in the fields of experimental science, visual arts and music.

He spent his military service as a translator from Arabic for the Intelligence, and as a teacher in various courses in the corps. When he was released from service Tal went back home to work in his parents' farm; a year later he moved to Tel Aviv.

While studying for his BA from Tel Aviv University (in Economic and Statistics) he worked in a real-estate company. Once he completed his BA, he joined the School of Public Policy and this year he's completing his studies.

During his MA, he worked as a research assistant for Dr. Momi Dahan and as a tutor in two courses.

He hopes that after he graduates he could implement the academic tools he's earned at the school in his future work on the public sector, especially in realms that he finds very important like Economics, Welfare and the Social Order. 

Vered Halawa;   Average: 90.41
Vered was born and raised in Netanya. She served in the army as a youth guide until 1997.

She was interested in working with underprivileged populations and studied Social Work for her BA. She is now completing her MA in Public Policy and an additional degree in Law.

Vered has continued to work for the underprivileged in several frameworks. 

Roy Folkman;   Average: 92.18
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, he served as a medic in the army and was a member of a group that formed a new Kibbutz in the Arava. After his service he worked for the Society for Protection of Nature (SPN).

In recent years he worked for Arts high school in Jerusalem. He is also a part of a group of students that established the "New Spirit" association; they work to strengthen the affinity of students to Jerusalem, and to encourage them to social activity.

Roy has completed his BA in economics and Middle Eastern studies, and writes and is part of the staff at Sikkuy "The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel". 

Oded Steklov;   Average: 93.42
Oded was born in Bat-Yam and grew up in Tel Aviv. He served as an officer in the army and was released in the year 2000.

He studied for a BA in economics and political science at the Hebrew University and he works as an accountant in the Jerusalem municipality. He hopes to complete his education and turn to academic research.

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