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  On June 15th, 2010, these 5 students were awarded with merit
scholarships. Read their letters below. Be Inspired.

(From Top Left to Right)
Yeonathan Almog; Ayala Hendin; Ariel Gilboa;
Guy Hefetz;
Esti Hoss.

Yeonathan Almog;

Israel is facing many challenges, both external and internal, and needs the best public sector possible in order to cope with them. These days, the international position of our country seem to be particularly complicated, but with a better and more professional public sector and decision makers I believe it can be turned 180 degrees.

David's story, who immigrated to Israel by himself and studied public policy in our school, is a great inspiration. I am happy and grateful for your choice to carry on working for these goals and making such a significant contribution to the School of Public Policy of which David Diego Ladowski was part of.

We, students of the school, continue the hard work for the improvement of the public sector, and can already see the beginning of a change. I am sure that the assistance you are giving us will bring us closer to our common aspirations.


Yehonatan Almog

Ayala Hendin;

My name is Ayala Hendin and I am a graduate of the honor's masters program in the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government. I continue my association with the school today through my work as a teaching assistant, research assistant and editor of the school journal. In the past few years the school has become a second home to me. I enjoy and am proud to be part of the wonderful community created here by people who each in their own way contribute to making the State of Israel a little bit of a better place.

As a resident of Jerusalem my entire life, the daily meeting of the Jewish and Arab population of the city, given both the physical as well as perceptual borders between the two, has been of interest to me from a young age. This lifelong awareness has lead me to focus my studies in the Federmann school on learning about some of the special challenges of the Arab population in Israel, hoping that the fruits of my studies will be of some significance toward fostering changes.

My policy papers throughout my studies have dealt with gaps in equal opportunities presented to the Jewish and Arab sector in the educational system. In my thesis I researched the Integration of Arab students in Israel’s higher education system focusing on Hebrew University.

I first heard about David (Diego) Ladowski three years ago when I began my studies in the school. Having heard the sad story of his death, I was deeply impressed by his many achievements from a young age – his choice to immigrate to Israel on his own, his army service, his studies, his participation in the cadet’s course of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his choice to devote his life to the State of Israel.

I am touched by your family's decision to commemorate David with the Ladowski scholarship fund. You have inspired us with David's values of excellence and his interest and commitment to contributing to our society in a significant way through the public sector. I thank you for this award but no less important, for the opportunity to continue to act according to the important values so dear to David.

The past few years in the Federmann School have been very significant to me and have greatly influenced and shaped the academic and professional path I hope to pursue. This award allows me to conclude my current degree on a high point, further inspiring me to continue on my chosen path.

I am deeply appreciative and sincerely thank you for your generous support.

With thanks and appreciation,

Ayala Hendin

Ariel Gilboa;

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for receiving the prize in memory of your son.

The annual prize that is given to several students of the Public Policy school in the Hebrew University contributes to the school, the students, and perpetuates the memory of your son.

It is the third year that I got the prize from you. I want to tell you that the prize help me a lot, and help me finish writing my Thesis, that was about the kidnapped deals the state of Israel must do over the years to bring home its soldiers and civilians from terror organizations.

The writing of the Thesis was a huge experience for me, and your prize help me to concentrate in writing.

As I wrote to you before: I hope to go in David's way of excellence and influence on public life.

Thank you,

Ariel Gilboa

Guy Hefetz;

I would like to thank you for granting me the David Diego Ladowski Merit Scholarship Award.

Between work, university studies, ‘miluim’ (reserve army) duty and being a father, it is good to feel that there are people who cherish and encourage commitment and values.

In the Jewish tradition there is a well known saying that a little bit of light sheds much of the darkness. I try to fulfill this saying in the various duties I have in life and I believe your vast activities do so as well.

In the days we live in, this is not a thing to be taken for granted.

Thank you,


Esti Hoss;

I would like to thank you for your generous grant donation. Your commitment to helping and advancing students of The Federmann School of Public Policy and Government is sincerely appreciated.

I see it as an enormous contribution to the public service in Israel and to Israeli society as a whole.

I started my academic journey six years ago studying and completing a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations. From there I continued to the Honors Master's program in The Federmann school of Public Policy and government, where I completed my final research thesis titled "Parents entrepreneurship in establishing schools for their children: Characteristics, patterns and policy".

Six months ago I presented my research at an academic conference in Berlin. This academic trip was possible thanks to scholarships like the one given by you.

I see a great importance in scholarships of this sort, which help and empower Israeli students and advance research and the academia of Israel in general. Today, when the dilemma whether to continue a PhD is on the agenda, knowing that there are valuable contributors like you, who support academics in the field of Public Policy, strengthens the desire and ability to continue my personal academic track.

Thank you and best wishes,

Esti Hoss

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