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  Tribute from Abraham Ladowski (father) to David Diego Ladowski
on the 10th anniversary of his departure...


Stolen Dreams

A tribute to
David Diego Ladowski z”l
By Abraham Ladowski





Deep in thought, I was letting myself wind down, quiet in an overstuffed armchair, and little by little falling asleep.

While dreaming, the thread of memories set me back a few years. I found myself in a clinic, where my wife was giving birth at that very moment. It was her fourth baby. Such a beautiful day, a moment everyone’s waiting for. And a baby boy arrived, a precious child weighting 2,750 kg. Lanky, so helpless, I couldn't imagine what the future was holding for him.

And the small kid grew up. First went to kindergarten, then to elementary school and then high school. We could say that everything was going the way it was supposed to be.

He became a tall, muscular and smart young man. A good student, a good son and a good friend. His ideas were based on solidarity, and everything related to humanities.

He turned 18 and decided that he would continue his studies in Israel, but first he wanted to make sure that everything was taken care of so he waited for the results of the conscription (the compulsory military service in Argentina). He got lucky, he didn’t get enlisted, so at that point there were no obstacles and so he proceeded to follow his dreams.

“Someday I will become an Israeli Ambassador in Argentina”, he said joking.

And so it was that working really hard he achieved many things. First studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem he earned four degrees and learned five languages. Later he joined the Foreign Ministry as a cadet and while working there he was assigned to work in the European Affairs Department, and finally, he was appointed to the Israeli Embassy in Peru, as spokesperson and head of political, commercial and cultural affairs.

But that horrible day came. Suddenly a deafening explosion, a bomb, was heard destroying life and dreams. Illusions and the future. Mine and even worse, my son’s.

And that became a truncated dream. Something that seemed as if I had been living in a permanent state of illusion for 29 years that all of a sudden was wrecked. It was actually broken by his killer that on July 31 of the year 2002 ended all the achievements, future plans and a life full of expectations and projects.

This misfortune left us a great legacy and a big responsibility. A legacy to fulfill, to carry on his dreams and to help achieve his goals for what he had worked so hard and put so much effort.

A treasure was taken from us a, but they couldn’t take away his hopes or his beautiful ideals.
And we kept the memories and the wonderful moments we shared, that we “Lived” or “Dreamt”.

In memory of David Diego Ladowski, 29 years old, diplomat, observing the 10th anniversary of his assassination on July 31, 2002, in the bombing at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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