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  Se entregaron en la Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén los 
    premios de becas de mérito que llevan el nombre de 
    David Diego Ladowski  - 14 de Junio, 200

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De izquierda a derecha:
Yuval Elgrabli, Jennifer Oser, Hagai Dror, Adit Sadan,
Dovrat Zilberstein, Hadar Samuel, Leora Sidi,
Roy Folkman, Nisim Schlam Salman, Hagai Feder

El Fondo Conmemorativo David Diego Ladowski fué creado para honrar el legado de David Diego Ladowski. El premio es una beca de mérito que se les da a estudiantes  brillantes de la Facultad de Administración Pública y Ciencias Políticas y que se vayan a dedicar al servicio público y a trabajar por la paz del mundo.

Click aquí para leer el discurso leído durante la ceremonia.

Las becas fueron entregadas a estos DIEZ 
alumnos sobresalientes:
(por el momento están en Inglés)

Leora Sidi;   Average: 91.92
28 years old. Works as a lawyer in the Wages and Labor Agreements Department at the Israeli Finance Ministry

Studied Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and did her law internship in the legal department of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament.

Has recently completed studying Public Policy at the Hebrew University. Her thesis examined the following issue: "Regulatory Behavior at the expiration of franchise contracts, in light of the capture theory."

Hopes to use the expertise acquired at the School of Public Policy in order to improve the quality of the decision making process in Israel.

Hagai Feder;   Average: 90
Born and raised in Ashkelon, a city in southern Israel, as the youngest of six children. Spent four years of the military service in a confidential army unit.

After a trip to North America he started studying at the Hebrew University for a B.A, degree in Economy and International Relations. Afterwards, continued studying towards an M.Sc in the Outstanding-Students Program of Public-Policy.

His thesis was about local taxes collection in municipalities in Israel.

Through his studies, he worked as a Parliamentary-Assistant to a Knesset-Member and later on as an Economist in the Central Bank of Israel in the banking-regulation division. Having finished his degree, he started working in the Ministry of Finance, and has been there for the last four months.

His goals include working and contributing in the public domain.

Roy Folkman;   Average: 92.79
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, he served as a medic in the army and was a member of a group that formed a new Kibbutz in the Arava. After his service he worked for the Society for Protection of Nature (SPN).

In recent years he worked for Arts high school in Jerusalem. He is also a part of a group of students that established the "New Spirit" association; they work to strengthen the affinity of students to Jerusalem, and to encourage them to social activity.

Roy has completed his BA in economics and Middle Eastern studies, and will finish his master's degree in the honors program this year.

His thesis was on the complex field of government policy towards the Arab Israeli Citizens.

He currently serves as the CEO of Hebrew University Student Union. With a few other friends they are continuing to make the students of Jerusalem more effective in the development of the city.

By doing this work, he has used the skills gained at the honors program, developing policies and assisting the voice of the students to be heard, on the subjects of employment, transportation, culture in the city, etc.

They also encourage involvement of students in topics like the rights of contract workers in a campaign that ended with the agreement of HUJI management to take more responsibility on the workers it employs, thus impacting a policy issue that is relevant to the entire Israeli society.

Jennifer Oser;   Average: 92.45
Born in the United States and made aliyah to Israel in 2002.

She completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard University in Social Studies focusing on inequality, democratic participation, and urban development.

She currently works with two nonprofit organizations to advance democratic participation in Israel:

At YEDID - The Association for Community Empowerment she serves as the Director of the Community Organizing Program, and at Shatil she is the Academic Coordinator of the Community Organizing Training Program.

She's supported in these endeavors by her husband Jonathan and her son Eliyahu

Hadar Samuel;   Average: 92.07
Born in Kibutz Eyn Tzurim in 1980 and moved to Jerusalem in 1990.

Served in the army as a counselor in an in-state bording school.

She completed her undergraduate degree at the Hebrew University in Psychology and Theater Studies.

She is now concluding her studies in the School of Public Policy's Honors Master's Program and currently works as a teaching assistant.

She is especially intersted in educational policy and is planning to continue her studies in that direction.

Nissim Schlam Salman;   Average: 91.33
Born in Afula in 1977 to an Iraqi-Libyan family who immigrated to Israel from Baghdad and Tripoli.

Grew up in the Jezriel Valley both peacefully and with great curiosity- studied and enjoyed many subjects but ultimately focused on biology and chemistry.

Joined the Israeli Army in 1996 and after 5 years, completed his service as an officer in the artillery forces.

In 2001, moved to Jerusalem and completed his bachelor's degree In Economics and Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

That same year, he joined a University-sponsored hiking club and met his wife, Julia, who recently immigrated to Israel from the United States.

In 2004, he began studying at the School of Public Policy.

Through his studies, he garnered essential skills that he now applies at his current job at the Israeli Ministry of Finance, where he supervises and inspects governmental companies such as the Israel Rail Company, Mekorot Water Company and the Israel National Roads Company, and also implements structural changes, when necessary

Hagai Dror;   Average: 95.55
Born and raised in Kibbutz Cabri, in the north of Israel.

Currently he's a student pursuing a Master's degree at the School of Public Policy and works as a research assistant in the Israel Social Science Data Center.

Over the years has volunteered and worked in various social projects out of a strong commitment and a desire to contribute to society. After high school and before his military service he volunteered for a year as a child counselor in a boarding school for underprivileged children.

Later, while studying for his B.A. (in Philosophy, Economics & Political Science), worked in a home for criminal youths and in a pre-adoption shelter home for children. Also, as a group facilitator, he lead discussions focusing on Israeli society.

He believes that his involvement along with the use of his analytical skills is what brought him to studying public policy. In the future, he hopes to use the academic tools acquired in order to influence public policy decisions and promote social issues in Israel.

Adit Sadan;   Average: 94.20
Grew up in Kibbutz Maagan Michael. As a child played Saxophone and dreamed to be a professional musician.

Eventually, her military service turned out to be longer than expected so she gave up her musical dreams.

Afterwards, began her B.A. studies in an integrative program of Philosophy, Political Science and Economics at the Hebrew University. After graduating, pursued M.A. studies of Public Policy.

Currently dedicates most of her time to study and also works as a guide in the Holocaust Museum "Yad Vashem".

After she graduates she hopes to contribute to the Israeli Civil Service

Yuval Elgrabli;   Average: 93
Born in Jerusalem in 1977.

Married and father of 3 children.

Parents immigrated to Israel from Morocco, he was raised and educated in Jerusalem.

Most of his youth he was active in the B'nei Akiva youth movement.

Serves proudly as an officer in the Reserves with rank of Captain.

After completing his B.A. studies in Law and Political Science at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem he did Law apprenticeship under two distinguished Judges of the Supreme Court.

After receiving accreditation as a Lawyer from the Israel Bar Association, returned to Hebrew University to study for a Masters degree at the School of Public Policy.

Hopes to join the Civil Service to faithfully serve the Public and to bring some improvement to the quality of life of all Israeli citizens.

Has recently been appointed to the position of Advisor in the Bureau of the Interior Minister.

Dovrat Zilberstein;   Average: 92.10
28 years old. Born and raised in Rehovot.

During her adolescent years she dedicated mostly to community activities like the local scouts troup and high school student body council.

After her military service in the Israel Defense Forces, worked for two years at The Peres Center for Peace, promoting joint projects for peace in the Middle East.

She completed her undergraduate studies (magna cum laude) in International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2003. After graduation, worked for a short time in the business sector and in The Shalem Center for Policy Studies.

Late in 2005, started The Honors Graduate Program in Public Policy at the School of Public Policy at The Hebrew University. At the same time, she started an internship at the Ministry of Interior as an advisor to the General Director, a position that she now holds full time.

She aspires to grow and thrive within the public sector and to contribute as much as possible to the system as a Public Official.

Currently, she lives with her husband (Shiomi) in Lapid and hopes to welcome a new addition into their family in October.

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