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Lior Sheffer Dovrat Zilberstein Yishai Neeman

March, 2011

We all love to read about success stories. Specially when you know that somehow, you had something to do with it. The students that receive these Merit Scholarships continue to make us proud, through their involvement in the communities and doing their part to make this world a better place.

Read these stories below and we hope that they will inspire you as much as they do to us to continue
supporting this well-worthed cause.


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Lior Sheffer
-- Received award in: 2009

As a graduate of the Hebrew University’s Public Policy MA program, Lior is currently spending a year at the University of Toronto in Canada as part of a graduate exchange program supported by the School of Public Policy.

When the academic year ends in April, he will return to work in the Knesset — Israel’s parliament — as a parliamentary assistant and policy advisor.

Lior hopes to continue his involvement in policy planning in Israel, either in the legislative or the executive branch. In particular, he hopes to be involved in shaping reforms to the Israeli election rule in hopes of increasing the stability of the local political system and shifting its focus to long-term planning.



Dovrat Zilberstein-- Received award in: 2006-07

Dovrat has been working at The American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee for the past three years, in the Former Soviet Union department.

She focuses primarily in Moscow, helping the local Jewish community to rebuild its community infrastructures after years of Soviet Regime where all aspects of Jewish life were forbidden.

Whether it is helping elderly Jews living their final years with dignity, supporting families at risk, or cultivating new leadership, her work is always challenging, interesting and rewarding.

Above all, it fills her with pride being a part of the global Jewish community who helps Jews around the world in times of need.



Yishai Neeman -- Received award in: 2009

As director of pricing in the Israeli Ministry of Health, Yishai is responsible of rendering pharmaceuticals and clinical procedures economically affordable and equally accessible to all Israelis, regardless of their personal socioeconomic status.


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Since we started in 2003, we have been able to provide very talented students with Merit Scholarships in order to advance their careers.

As of June, 2010
we have awarded 62 Scholarships!

These highly motivated individuals want to make a difference in people's lives and may some day become Public Servants, Ambassadors, or maybe, even Presidents or Prime Ministers!

We all share a common goal: Making this a better world, for us and for future generations.

That was David Diego's dream, so we carry on the tradition of giving and helping others through this Memorial Fund.

Please consider making a donation; the money raised is used directly to help students of the School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

To find out more about David Diego Ladowski and the Memorial Fund, visit:





Find out more about David Diego's life, and what's being done to honor this extraordinary young man's memory and continue what he started:  A tradition of helping and giving!


The David Diego Ladowski Memorial Fund is administered by AFHU
(American Friends of The Hebrew University)

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

  500 N Michigan Ave. Suite #1530
Chicago, IL  60611

Your donation is deductible to the fullest extent
allowed by law.

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